space bar

May 1, 2010

why is the space bar so big

what would u do

April 30, 2010

what would you do if u could feed house and move yourself

anywhere at anytime ?


April 17, 2010

who is down on mail ???? for about a dollar or so you can put a piece of paper in a mail box…. some guy drives up in a truck and gets it and takes it down town… they run it round the plant… it gets  sent out to the airport…. put on a plane… flown round the world,  chauffer driven  to where ever -ville and hand delivered to its destination… all for under a buck fifty !

now that’s a pretty good  bargain

also ,  picture the envelope sitting in coach behind the seat belt next to a parcel and it says to the parcel: are u gonna eat those peanuts ?


tap water

April 17, 2010

the water in the tap comes in from the  reservoir thru a million feet of pipe

only to go out again from the house thru another million feet of pipe out to sea.

when it could easily be condensed from the air in  the house and recycled thru a distiller if needed for pennies a day and little extra to the cost of the house

i didn’t get dumped .

April 17, 2010

what kind of a guy would i be if i wanted a girlfriend who didn’t want me

everything i’ve got

April 1, 2010

evrythin i have came from somwhere else

the water in the tap

comin into the house  thru  a million feet  of pipe

then down the drain

n back out to sea.

my clothes  from india

my things from china

its done more travellin than me

the electricity coming  in from the mountain or where ever

the car from japan

everything i eat.

even the light…  comin in from  93 million miles away

keeping it all together

i think there 4 i am.

March 21, 2010

i think i am right… therefore i am


March 21, 2010

filled full – ment

in lieu of fulfillment

thank you to …

March 21, 2010

ahhhh anger

trusty anger

with you i am right about everything

and blame

reliable blame

for being there when i just don’t  want to take responsibility  for what ever


March 15, 2010

aviation is horrific

500 miles per hour

10 miles up in the sky

some ones  underpants  explode

what could possibly go wrong ?